Assisted Living

At Tri-Cities Assisted Living Care in Pasco, WA, our goal is to give seniors the most fulfilling life possible. Sometimes all it takes to make this goal a reality is a helping hand with life's more demanding daily chores. Our trained, 24-Hour nursing and management staff is always available to help with needed day-to-day activities like meal preparation, bathing and medication management. Our goal is to help support the fullest and most meaningful life possible for seniors living in Pasco, WA.

In addition to help with daily activities, residents will enjoy all of the amenities that come with life in our community. Whether it's shopping trips with friends on our shuttle or settling in for a good movie in our own living room, life is just sweeter with a helping hand. At Tri-Cities Retirement Inn we're not just interested in helping you live your life, our goal is to enhance it!

Tri-Cities Retirement Inn


2000 N 22nd Ave Pasco, WA 99301 US

Assisted Living Services:

  • Licensed nurse on staff
  • 24-Hour licensed supervision
  • Guest services
  • Medication services
  • Balanced meals and special diets
  • Registered dietitian consultation
  • All utilities other than phone
  • Coffee bar/snacks available 24 hours day
  • Leisure activities 7 days a week
  • Full-service beauty salon
Assisted Living at Tri-Cities Retirement Inn

Our Mission

Committed to being the leader in providing quality personal services for our residents, while honoring the experience of aging