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Demential Live Allows JEA Staff and Family Members to Experience What It's Like Living With Dementia

At JEA Senior Living, we work diligently to ensure our staff receives the training necessary to provide compassionate care to our residents. We also work with family members to educate them about their loved one’s journey so they can better understand what they’re going through and have the tools available to provide support.

That’s why we added the program Dementia Live® to our roster of educational tools for both staff and family members. Dementia Live is an innovative program designed by a team of dementia experts from AGE-u-cate Training Institute. It simulates the experience of dementia, resulting in a deeper understanding of what it’s like to live with the disease. It does this by using special gear to help simulate the cognitive impairments and sensory changes that are part of living with dementia. Through this process, participants gain a sense of the obstacles and difficulties those living with dementia face on a daily basis.

This unique and innovative program helps:  

  • Increase empathy and understanding of what it’s like for people living with cognitive impairment by allowing people to experience many of the symptoms and challenges of dementia. 
  • Improve family engagement and participation by providing a catalyst for meaningful communication, improving the quality of family visits. 
  • Boost employee skills and morale by improving relationships with residents/patients; Reduces care-partner stress; Contributes to improved retention rates; Higher employee satisfaction survey scores.

Rachel Kohl oversees the implementation of the program throughout JEA communities across the country. “What we’ve seen is northing short of remarkable. By allowing participants to experience first-hand the challenges people living with dementia face, they come away with a deeper understanding and a greater compassion for them. This has led to a greater compassion and empathy for these brave individuals, which, in the long run, leads to our residents receiving better care.”

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