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Welcome to Pacific Gardens

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Pacific Gardens Alzheimer’s Special Care Center in Portland, Oregon

Every situation is different, and this uniqueness means that the needs of the individual will also be unique. Here, at Pacific Gardens Alzheimer’s Care Center, we completely understand. Because of this, we offer several types of services to cater to the resident and the caretaker(s).

Memory Care (Alzheimer and Dementia Care)

It is a difficult fact of life that loved ones sometimes suffer from ailments that we cannot personally treat. In these cases, we must seek outside assistance to give the best possible care. In the case of mental ailments, Alzheimer care and other forms of Dementia care can become so time-consuming that the only logical option is to find a professional center that can tend to their needs.

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Respite Care

Sometimes loved ones and caregivers need a rest to recoup their energy - a short separation to restore an emotional balance and recover spent energy. We want to help these precious people and it’s why we offer top-notch Respite care at our senior living facility in Portland, OR. You can entrust your loved ones with us while you take a little time to rest. When you are recovered and ready, we will return them to you.

Hospice Care

We know that hospice care is a difficult option. It is never easy to entrust a family member's well-being into the hands of another. That is why we would like to welcome you to visit our community. We want you to see why we are respected, and we want you to see how we take care of our residents. Their care is our number one concern. Spend some time with us and the members of our community, and we are positive that the quality of our work will be evident.


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Our Unique Program

Meaningful Moments®
is our distinctive dementia-care program designed to honor the individual life story of each resident
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